Dream World

That world woke up in sleep. Here and there.. almost similar. But there are no boundaries in that world. A beautiful world! Sometimes it’s a truth and sometimes an illusion. Visions in sparkling color… narrow paths filled with darkness… the huge buildings… endless sea … chirping birds… machines doing their job… endless voids. Everything is there.. A compassionate world filled with controllable and uncontrollable entities.. The truth is that we are there too. Human mind travels even when he is asleep. This is where his journey takes him. The sights of the human mind. Dream world filled with endless possibilities! There are lots of scenarios that makes meaningful processing a great difficulty. Because there are so many versions from reality. Despite all this, the beautiful dream world originated from the minds of every living being.

Mountains flying!! What a thought, one might say, given their natural ability of cognition would render them motionless by the mere thought of it. It’s always like that, right? Our response to anything that doesn’t conform to rational thought. But it’s true. Far away, in a place where our world, the sun, stars, mountains, rivers and everything in between coexisting in a mystical realm. Mountains do fly here, yet they lack wings; like tiny boats that stay afloat a calm river.

“How awesome it is to sit here; in the lap of these floating mountains..!” Said a person with a rather mysterious aura. He is coloured in darkness. With skinny and dwarflike features, two big round enticing eyes attract everyone towards him, always speaking without ever uttering a word.

Some islands belong to these mountains, each of them afloat in this limitless realm. He does have a kite in his skinny hands, a kite that waves and ascends according to the free flowing winds. It is as though it longs for something, brimming with exuberance. Albeit unable to go unrestrained from the thread, he loosens the hold for the kite to rise higher, to fly higher than ever before.

It’s all void below the mountains. Steep depths where you could plunge at unimaginable speeds, unending, with no conclusion or end. He continued loosening the thread that restrained the kite. It flew higher with ever more enthusiasm.

“This is my world.” With neither the enthusiasm of beginnings nor the calmness in endings, entering from somewhere, reaching out continuously to someplace else. “I am DREAM MAN.” My behavior is that of this world; and unending travel… with conversations with everyone I meet here; and their musings to me… with an arsenal of never ending stories…

People who visit here return rather quickly. Some even disappear within their stroll, but visitors are never scarce here. At least one shall visit here every day. How long one can explain the beauty of such a realm, I wonder. The beauty that beholds in front of their eyes is seldom explained through words.

“Who are you talking to?” asked the cute kitty who sat beside him.

“To them… you wouldn’t understand.”

The kite flew even higher; the thread that governs its freedom tangled in the high clouds, although both are safe for now. The cloud whispered something to the thread, but the kite didn’t seem to ponder, flying all the more higher. He seemed to enjoy the extent of freedom offered above the clouds.

Humans; bipedal animals who carry the burden of wisdom wherever they go. They are forever sad over things unattained. Though bestowed with freedom aplenty, they always scorn at the constraints they face. Constraints are never the end of freedom, but rather it is a safeguard against gluttony, against unending cravings. A raindrop is enough to send the kite to the lost realm of memories, but it still rejoices in its freedom… humans are mighty creatures borne from the blistering heat of time in the forge of experience… yet why do you lay helpless than a tiny kite, I wonder?

The answers are always before you. The one who finds it shall be renowned as a ‘winner’.

A strong wind arose; dust clouds rising up in its wake. They hit each other and began roaring and conflicting. Yet, they settled once the energy left in them were drained out, settling once again into calmness. The sand and the dust continued their silence. Amongst all this, the kite peeped down. “Where’s kitty? Was he flown away by the maddening winds?” Anything could happen here…

“Don’t be sad by all this, these are all normal and unamusing here. Yet so much to be seen… so much indeed…”

That tree. The sage of generations planted his feet firmly on the islands floating freely throughout the realm. He does flaunt the glistening silver lock of hair that comes with age. Unlike old times, he does worry when the strong winds blow. These are his last days of mortal life; the time where one’s eyes are opened in revelation, lacking contest and conquest, his mind getting ready to slumber in the depths of the earth’s womb.

The one thing that the living must reflect when in front of a corpse is this; this is the distance between the living and the dead. Arrogance, anger and so on are for what end? Still lingering questions… answers well within themselves…

Something drifted along the wind.

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