What’s a dream?

A multi-faceted dilemma that has been intriguing humans for ages. A realm, created by beliefs, myths and what not, the ability of a dream to shake our very psyche by their spectacular colours and sounds is unparalleled.


From the deepest depths of slumber, they lift us into a world plush with wonders and excitement. In a way, dreams are infinite. A guest, who comes from nowhere and vanish into an abyss of nothingness. A guest, who visits every mind uninvited with no purpose whatsoever.


Our memories colour the canvas that’s revealed in our sleep. Inconsequential scenes drawn on a fleeting frame. Colours, which combine in a random fashion picking their place in the canvas, always trying to tell us something.

Dreams divulge epic stories staged in the mystical world animated by our sleeps. An alluring feeling, a dream that is.


Interpretations of dreams differ vastly as the number of people on the planet. While some believe in them, as a way to direct them into their past legends, or forthcoming campaigns, believing full well in the meanings they reveal , as symbols to our impending future, most others would rather prefer them to be meaningless fallacy; a passing delusion. They consider dreams as an amalgam of thoughts and aspirations formed in our deceptively complex mind, and just that. The weird stories weaved in our head. Period.


Regardless of your beliefs, dreams do have an imperishable link to our lives. Dreams are in fact born out of the very pursuits of man. Each endeavor, gifting us with various spectacles, experiences and legends. Each of these instill in us a burning ember of imagination. The inevitability of imagination is the reason why dreams exist.


It is indeed foggy when one asks whether dreams could reveal one’s past, present or future, but it is unmistakably linked to time. That is the truth.

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